Cooled ThermoTherapy

The Targis® System uses Cooled ThermoTherapy™ (transurethral microwave thermotherapy -TUMT®) to deliver precisely targeted microwave energy deep into hyperplastic prostate tissue creating coagulative necrosis for durable clinical outcomes.

  • Dual parameter feedback system continually monitors urethral and rectal temperatures for optimal therapeutic intraprostatic temperatures
  • Cooling provides maximum patient comfort and quicker recovery times
  • Drainage lumen in catheter and soft coudé tip enhance patient comfort

Better than medication. Less invasive than surgery.

Targis treatment makes sense for you and your patients:
  • Significant improvements vs. alpha blockade
  • More cost-effective for patients than a lifetime regimen of drug therapy
  • Single office treatment without anesthesia
  • Eliminates side effects associated with medication
  • Lower risk of morbidity than TURP

Versatile, precise, fully customizable treatment.

Targis treatment provides optimal flexibility to customize treatment based on individual patient’s needs:
  • Patented microwave antenna design for deep symmetrical prostatic heating
  • Enhanced software capabilities allow for customization during treatment for each patient
  • Procedure can be performed in manual or automatic mode
  • Treatment time can be adjusted from 28.5 to 60 minutes
  • User-friendly operation for quick and simple treatment
  • Small, portable unit designed for in-office treatment

Durable results, patient preferred.

Recognized as a true minimally invasive anesthesia-free outpatient treatment for BPH by the World Health Organization, Targis treatment has demonstrated:

  • Cooling enables deep heat penetration for intraprostatic necrosis that provides more than 5 years of proven durable outcomes
  • Significant improvement in patient IPSS, Qmax and QOL scores vs. drugs
  • Low patient retreatment rates

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