A CAAASF Designation Is The Best Way To Ensure Your Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Is Safe.

The Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities is mandated to ensure surgical procedures performed by its members are done safely and carefully. Member facilities are inspected to ensure they meet stringent requirements for:

  • Facility & Equipment Standards
  • Employee Qualifications
  • In-House Quality Assurance Program

Oak Ridges Surgicentre Is CAAASF Accredited. Surprisingly, Relatively Few Clinics Are.

It costs between $30k and $50k for a surgical facility to obtain a CAAASF designation. Maybe that’s why less than ½ of the cosmetic surgery clinics in the GTA have taken the effort to obtain it.

Some Patients Receive Too Little Anesthetic; Many More Receive Too Much.

Would it surprise you to hear that 1 out of every 556 patients “wake up” during surgery because they’ve been given too little anesthetic? All Anesthesiologists try to prevent this from happening, and as a result, many patients are given too much anesthetic, resulting in longer wake up times, slower recoveries, & nausea.

We Are The Only Cosmetic Surgery Clinic In Canada Using The BIS Monitor To Ensure You Receive The Right Amount Of Anesthetic.

None of the standard measures used to monitor a patient during surgery (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), directly correlate to the patient’s level of consciousness. A more direct and accurate measure of consciousness is brain activity, measured using a Bispectral Monitor. Hence we are able to better determine exactly how much anesthetic you need to keep you asleep, without giving you too much. End result: a safer surgery & a faster, more pleasant recovery for you.

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